Automated Phone Survey

Automated IVR Telephone Survey

Automated IVR telephone surveys are used to collect information and gain feedback via the telephone. Automated phone surveys are used for customer research purposes by call centres for customer relationship management and performance management purposes. They are also used for political polling, market research and job satisfaction surveying.

Many large organisations outsource their customer handling to call centres where another organisation deals directly with their customers. Automated phone surveys give independent evaluation of the outsourced service from the customers themselves. In call centres automated surveys are used to improve service quality and increase customer loyalty.

Automated IVR Telephone Survey

What we can provide?
IVRTech makes it easy to quickly create and conduct fully voice-automated telephone-based surveys. An interactive survey may be offered following an inbound call to a contact center or as an outbound service. Survey respondents react to questions by using DTMF input.

What are the benefits of gaining feedback via automated IVR telephone surveys?

  • With high take-up rates and low drop-out rates, automated IVR telephone surveys represent a successful way of capturing the voice of your customer in a timely and cost efficient manner.
  • IVR exit surveys free up company resources and make minimal environmental impact as there is no need to print and post surveys.
  • Gaining a customer’s evaluation of the service you provide, immediately after contact, gives real-time understanding of the customer experience. Automated post-call IVR surveys allow your customers to speak for themselves driving service improvements based on an up-to-date assessment of your business.
  • The feedback you gain from automated IVR surveys is entirely objective. You hear your customers’ actual opinions, not a third party’s interpretation of them.
  • With IVR surveys you gain a true picture of your customers’ viewpoints as their opinions are sought immediately after their interaction with your company, not as part of a completely unrelated interaction by letter, email or phone.
  • As automated IVR surveys require minimal input from your staff, you can monitor satisfaction continuously, regardless of the prevailing levels of interactions.
  • With IVR interviews it is easy to gain feedback from a huge number of customers simultaneously meaning that you quickly amass statistically significant and representative data.
  • Data collation and analysis of results is easy and requires little input from staff.
  • A process that is visible to your customers demonstrates to them that you are proactively seeking their feedback with the objective of improving the service you provide.