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Auto Dial /Automotive Outbound Campaign

Autodial gives contact centers the ability to automate and intelligently manage the call processing associated with outbound campaigns, from with our SIP Trunk Solutions. Autodial automates outbound calls which are subsequently handed off to the integrated custom IVR system for processing.
Typical business drivers for adding Autodial functionality to a contact center include:

  • Unload routine or trivial tasks from the contact center (IVR handles the call)
  • Maximizing revenue opportunities (automated debt recovery)
  • Reducing the cost per outbound call (no agent involved)
  • Increasing agent productivity (IVR handles the call)
  • Enhancing customer service levels (automated appointment reminders)

Outbound campaigns often involve time-consuming manual processes which occupy valuable contact centers’ resources.
Labor being the single largest cost component in any contact center, efficient use of agents’ time is critical. Automated dialing technology has been implemented to solve this issue as there are no staffing costs associated with processing these outbound calls.

To address these issues, IVRTech created the Autodial solution. Autodial offers contact centers an integrated and cost-effective means of delivering and processing outbound calling campaigns without involving agents.

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What is Autodial?
Autodial enables more efficient use of agent time by removing trivial tasks from the contact center and automating them. For example, a medical association uses Autodial to remind patients about appointments, ensuring that its specialist medical resources are used efficiently. When the call is answered, it gets transferred to an IVR and an IVR script is played reminding the patient of the date and time of their appointment. The recipient of the call is also offered options to confirm, reschedule or cancel the appointment using the IVR. The called party can also transfer to an agent for assistance.
Autodial can also be used to enhance the services an organization offers to its customers or to attract new revenues. For example, notification of membership expiration and initiation of a renewal transaction can be completed without agent involvement.
Each Autodial solution is customized to meet the organization’s unique application requirements and can include a wide range of functionality such as:

  • Automated dialing of calls to customers or prospects
  • Playing a message to the called party
  • Offering the called party options from within an IVR system
  • Option for called party to transfer to an agent for assistance
  • Reporting on IVR port usage
  • Customized reporting such as the options selected within the IVR
  • Integration of the IVR with a customer database
  • Multilingual call flows within the IVR
  • Text-to-Speech technology to voice details specific to the called party such as their name, address, etc.
  • Credit card payment option

Why we are different?

  • Handle outbound 1000 calls for cost only usd10.
  • Handle up to 10000 calls per day for every campaign
  • API is available for integrate any system.
  • Enable to stop and resume every campaign.
  • 99.99% server up time.
  • Generate report for every outbound call and IVR activity

Autodial provides contact centers with an outbound calling solution that balances a company’s resources and business objectives with the needs of its customers.

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